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I broke down and bought a BTA

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It's about 3" in diameter, pinkish in color. I've read about them but does anyone have personal experience with them. I'm hoping my perc hosts to it. I'll post some pix soon b/c I alsopicked up a purple tip Acro. Man it's sweet!
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Percs are hit and miss in BTA. Maroons, Tomatoes, Clarks and Cinnamons, Skunks and many others will take to BTA.

If you have uncovered intakes please cover them with foam prefilters - anemone puree is a heartbreaker.

BTA prefer a rocky foothold so it will probably make its way into the rocks to find its happy place. Good idea to feed it 2 or 3 times per week with meaty food - krill, silversides, etc., if it doesn't like it or isn't hungry, it will not accept it. A day or two after it does ingest something chunky, it will excrete a brown stringy mucous (poop!). It's also not unusual for a newly acclimated BTA to shrivel up and re-inflate - it's changing out its own water, for that in the tank it's in.

Feed it well and if it's happy, it will split for you!

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