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I am back!! Tank build

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It has been quite a while since I have been on the forums and since I have had a reef tank, but I am back now.
I have been plotting and planning for the last few months just waiting to pull the trigger. Well last night I decided to stop by the local fish store and saw the perfect rimless tank for me. Up to that point I was having a hard time deciding on the tank. Ok, enough of the Blah blah blah......

The tank is a rimless not sure who makes it 5.5g. and here is the plan

Lighting - 12 Cree Leds 6 Royal blue and 6 Cree XP-G Cool white. All of which I ordered from I also plan to add some more Royal blues on a separate driver for "color pop" viewing pleasure at night.

Filtration - Hang on back, not really for a filter though. I just wanted to water movement. So far it is pushing the water around. I might add a powerhead at some point.

Live Rock - currently I have a few pounds that I picked up from the LFS to get the cycle started. The plan is to order some from guessing about 10lbs or so.

Inhabitants - I am thinking a goby of some sort, but not sold on the idea yet. Open to suggestions. Along with some hermits and a couple shrimp.

Stand - will be hand building that in the coming weeks. I want to set this up in the corner of the room, so I might make a triangular corner stand.

Lastly, Here is a pic for your viewing pleasure. Not much yet, but it is a beginning.

World Wood Grey Art Flooring
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looks good so far!

I like that amount of rock, looks great, do you really need to add a lot more?
looks good so far!

I like that amount of rock, looks great, do you really need to add a lot more?
Personal preference for me. I want it to be pretty filled with rock and coral
Thank you all for the kind words. I am excited also, can't wait for my LEDs to come in so I can start building the light. If I get a chance this weekend I will start working on the stand also.

Any suggestions on how I should mount the light? I was thinking make a wood canopy that is suspended about 7 inches over the tank, that way you get to enjoy the beauty of the rimless look. Still not sure yet though.
I would say YWG and pistol, but not sure if 5.5 would be big enough. Love watching them work together. Looking at your avatar, I'm guessing you have watched them before too.
I would say YWG and pistol, but not sure if 5.5 would be big enough. Love watching them work together. Looking at your avatar, I'm guessing you have watched them before too.
I am a big fan of the watchman and pistol combo. I loved sitting back and watching the watchmen and the Pistol move sand together.
That looks very nice. I am diggin that style.

I received my order from today. Too bad they didn't ship the thermal adhesive which was supposed to come with the kit. I sent them an email already, and I have heard that they have great customer service so I am not too worried. I think I will just go to Fries and see if I can pick some up, I want to get started on putting this together.

Here is a pic of the kit, the heatsink is not part of the kit and was ordere separate.

12 LEDs total 6 Cool White and 6 Royal Blue. All with 60 degree optics and a 700ma power supply. The LEDs will be under driven, but this should be more than enough light for the size tank that I have.

Wood Electronic device Hardwood Eyewear Gadget
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I am so stoked on your tank. I am looking forward to more pics as things progress!
Another Update

Progress has been made on the stand.

It is not much, but its a start. enjoy the pics

Here is the skeleton of the stand, it sits about 3 feet high. I didn't want to do a typical rectangle stand, I wanted a triangle since this is going in the corner. Couldn't make it work since it is so close to the window.
Bicycle Wheel Tire Wood Bicycle wheel

Here it is with the top attached. Best part is the top portion is reclaimed wood from the dresser. This frame only cost about $8 is supplies so far.
Wood Wheel Gas Composite material Metal

I brought it home in it's current state so that I could test fit it in the spot I want it to go. This is my view from the couch.
Property Wood Interior design Floor Wall

Tell me what you think
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With the rest of the reclaimed wood and a 2x4 that I bought for the stand build. I made a play-doh table for my niece and nephew.
Table Furniture Desk Wood Outdoor table
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looks great so far, love the rimless look. for the light i was thinking exactly what nate posted. having it suspended above the tank and the ability to adjust the height would be slick looking and make cleaning easier.

personally, i think the rock would look cool if you could epoxy it in the middle of the tank and have it branch out like a tree if that makes sense. these are 2 that inspired me to make my rock the way i did.

cant wait to see some more progress!
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Good suggestion on the rock work, that looks great. Not quite sure if I have the skill/patience for that. I might give it a try though.

When I was at the hardware store today I was looking at was to mount the light. I saw an aluminum rod that I might be able to attach to the stand and suspend the light from it.
rock work like that is really easy...

a mason drill bit, and epoxy are your friend ;)

I'm sure you can pull it off!
Yeh agreed the epoxied* rocks look awesome, wish i hadve seen these before i started lol..
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