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I spoke to John Ngyen on the phone this morning, whom is the Director of customer service for Hydor in Sacramento, California.

They are claiming that it is IMPOSSIBLE for their pump, to crack my tank. I clearly took a video (among other videos) that clearly show that the crack, went RIGHT through where their "super safe" magnet system was placed. They are blaming it on the tank manufacturer, the tank manufacturer is blaming it on the pump. I need direction here please. I will "test" the pump to see if it vibrates or something... but they are saying even if i send it to them "they wont test it" so its a who cares situation... Ive lost live sand, creatures, and jugs and jugs of nutri-seawater at 24.99/ea...

Please anyone advise me as to what i do next?

Hello Christopher,

How long have you had the tank? It is impossible for a pump to crack a glass aquarium since the magnets are just to hold the pump in place, the 850 pump is not a big pump either.
The pressure in the tank with water is much stronger than the pump which is only 5w.

Hydor USA, Inc.
Customer Service
4740 Northgate Blvd #125
Sacramento, CA 95834

From: Christopher Woodard
Date: 10/26/2014 11:53 PM
Subject: Nuovo Contatto dal Sito Hydor - eng

Nuovo Contatto dal Sito Hydor - eng
Nome : Christopher
Cognome : **
Azienda :
Paese di provenienza : Nord America
Telefono : 775***
Messaggio : Dear sir or madam I just recently purchased the koralia evo 850 from petco. I installed the pump inside my fish tankt tonight. I followed all the directions and follow the instructions completely.. After the pump was installed and running for approximately 15 minutes my aquarium cracked from the top straight down to the bottom. The crack was through where the magnet was placed. This has the ultra safe magnet and it states that it is a super safe magnet + suction cup up to 15 millimeters. This pump cracked my aquarium and I am requesting something to be done about this. Below are pictures and videos of the damage. I will call in the morning. This is a saltwater setup. Below is a video I just created just now. drive. google. com/folderview?id=0B8XuU8_nLOq7LXhJNmpwbV9VaFk&usp=sharing

Citta : Sparks
Provincia : NV
Motivo del contatto : Service/Warranty Requests

Clausola di riservatezza
Le informazioni contenute o allegate al presente messaggio sono dirette unicamente ai destinatari sopra indicati. In caso di ricezione da parte di persona diversa è vietato qualunque tipo di distribuzione o copia. Chiunque riceva questa comunicazione per errore è tenuto ad informare immediatamente il mittente e a distruggere il messaggio.

Confidentiality notice
The contained or attached information to the present message are directed only to the indicated addresse above. In case of reception from part of various person any type of distribution or copy is prohibited. Anyone receives this communication for error is held to inform immediately the sender and to destroy the message.

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I had the manufacturer come and look at it. I had to pay out of pocket to get the side replaced immediately due to me having creatures & rock on the way in the mail, and htey are stating its the pumps fault. I took a video (did you see it) that clearly chows the crack started, right where it was placed.

What steps should i take? Someones paying me back for this.

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+1 I don't see any possible way for the magnet to crack a tank. It just doesn't put that kind of stress on the glass. It's sorta like how people blame snails and starfish for killing their fish when they see it being eaten by them when they weren't the cause of the death - only cleaning up the mess as nature intended.

I've used those kind of PHs for years as have many others with no ill effects. Lots of aquarium equipment is attached via magnets. I see the desire to place blame somewhere and have the cost refunded but it's certainly not Hydors fault. The tank manufacturer will place the blame on the weather if they can. Their job is to make money and they can't do that by replacing every damaged tank and livestock without a fight. Few replace livestock even when its their defect at fault.
i don't believe it to be the magnet, because if its flat.. it shouldnt matter how strong the magnet is. Im thinking possibly a defective unit (too much vibration)
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