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Morning all,
High of 40’s with rain mebbe showing up for today, think above freezing temps for the next 5/6 days they claim. I’ll take it but got want “winter” to show up with more “ummph” after taking it easy on us so far .
Puppy GMD Beau showing more of himself and increased “smart” as each day goes on. Granted “chucklehead pup” vibe is still strong, and glad King the GSD is here to take one play duties to entertain both himself and Beau , along with tiring out that puppy super energy.

Pain doc appt in a bit , and having cat scan and x-rays done to both shoulders and upper bod recently , hope the doc has a gameplan worked up for hopeful relief at some level.
After doc visit , will head to mom’s place since I’ll be up north and grab the garbage bags of clothes Sis pulled from the closets, so I can take them to my county run donation place for dispersal to those in need , and those that don’t get given out will go on the place’s racks for sale ,, and proceeds then go to those in need for anything ,, in my county.

Catalina macaw and sun conures road trip on Friday , their first actual avian vet visit for wellness checks and wing/nail trims.

Have a few things in mind for the rest of the day,, will see what rises to the top when I get home.

Hope everyone has a great day!👍🏼
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts