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Ranco temp controllers can be purchased as prewired units, but are a little more expensive.

I've recently purchased a new 2 stage controller that needed to be wired for power and both stages. The following pictures shows the wiring steps for this controller.

One grounded power cord - you will use the supply end to provide power to the controller.
Two grounded power cords with multi plugs - you will use these to plug equipment into.
Box of twist-on wire nuts - sized to match the power cords' wire size. I bought 14AWG cords.

Phillips screw driver
Small flat head screw driver - used to connect wires to the terminal blocks
Wire strippers / cutters

I cut the ends off of the power cords and stripped the jackets back to expose the wires where I will be connecting them inside of the controller.

Unless you have extra wire of same AWG size, you will need to cut about 1' from one of the cords to make a few black and white lead wires.

Now on to the pictures...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts