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I Have 3 Lr With Mushrooms Coralline And One Dissapear From The Rock And I Found Him At The Bottom Of My Tank,is It Bad For My Saltwater Tank?
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Hi Thank You For The Reply Im Sorry For My Ignorance But Im New In This, Well I Believe Bkaus Like I Didnt See Him At The Same Place,i Tought He Was Just Dead Hope Ppl Dont Make Fun Of Me,,,
Oic,no U Didnt Sound Rude, Slap Me For Being Dumb :p This Is A Cool Forum,,,do U Have Ne Pics Of Ur Reef Tank?
There Nice Pics,,,i Been Using C-balance,u Think Its Ok To Use It?
I Dot Have That Kit,i Took Water Sample To My Lfs.and They Told Me That Calcium Its Above 300
I Know Lfs Got Some Idiots They Think Ther Pro,and I Ask Them Qs And They Look Up In A Book,im Just Going To Buy The Tes Kit,btw I Have A Cpr Bak Pak,skimmer And A 400 Marineland Filter, Hang On,u Think I Need Both?
I Was Going To Buy Kent But The Stupid Wanna B Pro Told Me C-balance Its Better, Look Im Going To Post Some Pics From My Tank Ok,
But Its More Peaceful,tell Them U Can Make Them A Reef Tank For They Wont Get Bored And U Can Charge Them,
Funny ,,i Need 20 Post For I Can B Able To Put Pics,,,its Not All That My Tank,,
No Forum Comments,,idk How To Put Pictures Like U Do, When Im Big I Wanna B Like U Jk,
Ic Read Read Read,,hey Hi,well Not Full Reef,.but I Want To Get There,,but I Know I Got A Long Way To Go,,im Trying To Put Pictures But It Doesnt Let Me
1 - 13 of 25 Posts
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