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I Have 3 Lr With Mushrooms Coralline And One Dissapear From The Rock And I Found Him At The Bottom Of My Tank,is It Bad For My Saltwater Tank?
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welcome to TRT :) ....tell me...... how you belive this is bad ?

its propagation..corals go to other rocks as they colonize
Hi Thank You For The Reply Im Sorry For My Ignorance But Im New In This, Well I Believe Bkaus Like I Didnt See Him At The Same Place,i Tought He Was Just Dead Hope Ppl Dont Make Fun Of Me,,, going to make fun of ya.. mushrooms fly off to go to other rocks..when its dead its gone..turns to mush, sometimes not even that, literally disappears.

i didnt mean to sound rude..
Oic,no U Didnt Sound Rude, Slap Me For Being Dumb :p This Is A Cool Forum,,,do U Have Ne Pics Of Ur Reef Tank?
click the images : 107 tab on my avatar section of my post's..but those pics are old..i havent uploaded pics in almost 2 years
There Nice Pics,,,i Been Using C-balance,u Think Its Ok To Use It?
never add anything unless you test your aquarium first...& NEVER go agianst this a calcium & Carbonate Hardness (DKH) test kit ? do the test & post results
I Dot Have That Kit,i Took Water Sample To My Lfs.and They Told Me That Calcium Its Above 300
above 300 is not good info...this is an example i just told someone else here on another thread NEVER TRUST THE LFS...(they tend to hire idiots) calcium should be 400-420..but 380 is ok..if its below 380 you have trouble..
I Know Lfs Got Some Idiots They Think Ther Pro,and I Ask Them Qs And They Look Up In A Book,im Just Going To Buy The Tes Kit,btw I Have A Cpr Bak Pak,skimmer And A 400 Marineland Filter, Hang On,u Think I Need Both?
i love those professional idiots :) ..yes you need both filter & skimmer. as for the C-Balance..not a fan of that never really worked for me & it can mess with the SG..i use 2-part buffer system...the best combo i found is KENT Liquid Calcium added along with KENT Coral amazingly well to maintain calcium & KH...keep in mind the calcium is nothing without the KH & same for KH...also calcium is nothing without magnesium..but thats another lesson for another time. :)
you can also look into a Kalkwasser does both calcium & KH togeather..but you have alot to learn about those.
I Was Going To Buy Kent But The Stupid Wanna B Pro Told Me C-balance Its Better, Look Im Going To Post Some Pics From My Tank Ok,
what state are you from ?
Walmart-ville, West Virginia (where its all old people..all the time)

But Its More Peaceful,tell Them U Can Make Them A Reef Tank For They Wont Get Bored And U Can Charge Them,
peacefull as in...almost dead...but not 6 foot down yet ... tried that...response ?! .....''is that thing alive'' !?!?!?! ''what in the **** is that peice of **** '' :fish::lol: wheres that tank picture ?
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