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so i've had an explosion of bryopsis in my system that i've been trying to deal with for the past month or two. went through 2 bottles of kent tech M magnesium, brought it all the way to 1600, nothing for a week, then to 1700, nothing, went to about 1750 and only thing i accomplished was killing off about 3 snails.

since the tech m is seeming to be useless for my system i decided that the only reasonable thing left to do before breaking tank down completely would be to do an extreme wc schedule where i can starve all the nutrients out of the water column and hopefully see some recession of the algae. cost really means nothing to me at this point since the next option is tearing down hundreds of dollars worth of livestock.

now onto the question, is 10% daily too light of a water schedule? should i be doing 20% daily? i also have bio pellets running on a reactor on my system, so would i have to feed the tank more often now? would it be best to remove the reactor during the waterchange overhaul?

anybody have any success removing bryopsis by doing waterchanges alone?

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