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I was able to successfully nab a fish from my tank without destroying the setup or causing stress to others!

You have to realize, Your Fish Know Your Tank BETTER Than You Do!! All the ins and outs of the rock, Real easy for a fish to run away from the dreaded "Fish Extractor"! You have to somehow "outsmart" the fish...

The fish I was trying to catch has 2 sleeping spots in the tank... So what I did was place two large nets sideways on top of the rock right next to these spots so they were constantly in the "attack" position. I left these nets in the tank like that for two days... This allowed the fish to get comfortable with the net in the tank and think that it's no longer "harmful".

On the second night, shortly after lights out, I saw my chance!!

The fish had done exactly why I had hoped!.. He was Sleeping Right in Front of the Net!! ...SILLY FISH! ~evil laugh~

I slowly walked up to the tank, grabbed the net by the handle that was slightly sticking out above the water level, and scooped him up without him even knowing...

I felt kinda guilty afterwards because it was like I fishnapped him while he was sleeping... Oh well, he was becoming a major bully to the other tank mates and nobody is the ruler of that tank but ME! :funny:
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