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Funny names and bristlenose plecos reminds me of my co-workers little girls

A co-worker of mine got one about the time monster vs aliens came out.....
Well with the bristles reminded them of character "Doctor Cockroach" (Waving his antenna's around get it?) So thats what its name became. Shortly after his young girls shortened the name to Doc and removed the bug ending from Cockroach. So his girls would chant his name at feeding time when he would wander out of his hiding spot.........

It was funny but hard habit to correct in young ones :)

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I loved the movie, I took the grandkids I had at the time to see it. They had already be exposed to my reef tank so it was a dual win for them. i actually have like 2 sets of the Nemo toys from Happy Meals in the kids tub time toy box.
but yes it was bad for the livestock though a windfall for fish shops.
The post about kids using fish names reminds me, when my son was 4 we went to the fish store I shopped at, The owner greets us and my son says its my burfday , I have money for a fish. Now picture the store owner, he is like 6'5" tall so he bends down to negotiate with my kid. "Well do you want a goldfish or a betta?" Heck no the lad replies I want a bristlenose plecostomus very distinctly. Owner about falls over, laughing and says, I wonder where he gets that from ;)
That reminds me when my little sister was about seven years old I played a joke on her and told her I got a "Dori Fish" for my little fish tank. She looked at me and first corrected me and said it was a blue tang and did I even know how big they get? She has always been interested in watching my fish tanks and often she would sit and watch my clownfish until she fell asleep. I think reef life really inspires little kids and I loved the movie anyway.
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