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How the movie "Finding Nemo" influenced the saltwater-aquarium/reef trade?

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I am not sure where to put this topic so I decided to put it here because I've noticed a lot of peoples opinions on the movie. If it should be moved feel free to! I'm a newbie.

I've noticed on reef and saltwater-aquarist forums that some bad comments have been made about how the movie "Finding Nemo" influenced the saltwater/reef aquarium trade. I do realize that the movie did cause a high demand for clownfish and anemones which was not beneficial for wild reef life but yet I think the movie did have some sort of purpose teaching people about the values of a wild eco-system and how fish may "feel" while they are in a tank. I personally love the movie.

However this brought attention to reef tanks which caused many people to want one. I heard a friend say that she wanted to keep a few "Dori-fish" (aka Hippo Tangs) in a fish bowl. I admit that clownfish are my favorite fish out there and that Finding Nemo was a big part of it. What's your opinion on "Finding Nemo?" I'm really curious to know from some experienced, long time, and successful reef-keepers themselves.
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I think these movies have a bad impact when they first come out. just like when 101 dalmatians came out all the kids wanted them, but after so many months the shelters got overrun with them. its gets the "fad" people all fired up, fast and hard, and most of the time the fad dies just as hard and fast as it started.

I think it will have a long term affect on the hobby, but LFS just have to be smart about how they handle customers that want things like 3 tangs in a fish bowl...
thats how my tank is every time a kid comes over to my house, "hey theres Nemo", and of course their parents ask them, where is the other nemo....

My son, he is 2.5 years old, calls all my fish by the common names, except the goby, it has too many common names so we just call it brown fish... I also made him start calling the cleaner wrasse, "blue fish" for some reason he can get the "clean" part, but leaves out the "wr" part, so "clean wrasse" without the "wr" :doh:
bristlenose plecostomus......... I never was able to say that right, I just call them suckers..
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