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The movie was charming, but I am appalled at the parents who give in to their requests for "Nemo" or "Dory" without research. If my child wanted a SW tank, I would make them study what I takes... I get very sad when I visit a fish store that has a whole tank dedicated to the fish in "Nemo".

I have a sweet retarded 12 year old chihuahua who was abandoned during the chihuahua craze by a puppy mill for being to ugly to sell. Generally I dislike the breed, but I put in the time to keep him alive, socialize him, and make sure he was raised as a dog, not an accessory. (yes, I have a pink alligator dog purse for when his knees go out... ) I also rescued a Dane when they were being abandoned after "marmaduke.

Anyway... Yes, I agree that Nemo has caused harm to many fish, but it was not the movie to blame, it's overindulgent parents.

trivia: "Nemo" is a Latin for "no one"
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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