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I loved the movie, I took the grandkids I had at the time to see it. They had already be exposed to my reef tank so it was a dual win for them. i actually have like 2 sets of the Nemo toys from Happy Meals in the kids tub time toy box.
but yes it was bad for the livestock though a windfall for fish shops.
The post about kids using fish names reminds me, when my son was 4 we went to the fish store I shopped at, The owner greets us and my son says its my burfday , I have money for a fish. Now picture the store owner, he is like 6'5" tall so he bends down to negotiate with my kid. "Well do you want a goldfish or a betta?" Heck no the lad replies I want a bristlenose plecostomus very distinctly. Owner about falls over, laughing and says, I wonder where he gets that from ;)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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