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Hello everyone I wonder If you can help me :)!

I have recently took the plunge into the marine hobby again after 6 years away! I decided I would purchase an Aquaone Aquareef 195 as I wanted a system that was all In one apposed to my old converted trigon 190! Since then a lot has happened and I am very much out of the ball game :)! It's slowly coming back to me however and I will probably make a thread on my goings on :D!

Anyways The real question Is will I have room for the mount as the tank Is under an arch! I really Just want to know the height of the mount so I can see If It would fit under the arch!

Here Is a picture :) It's about a few days old though and things have changed Inside the tank (i.e Rock and another vortech) There Is quite a lot of room under the arch and will probably make something for the mount to sit on so the light can get proper air circulation :)! But I do need the dimensions :D!

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