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how much is that live rock in the window?

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so last night i was calling around to some lfs' looking to see who had some good prices on pumps.

one lfs said they had no pumps, then said they were going out of business. last day is thursday.

cut to the chase:

today i show up and all they have left is a few fish and a little bit of live rock. i look at the fish. a few cinnamon and clarki clowns, a few groupers, and a niger trigger. nothing i can have since i already have a cinnamon. and will be doing a community reef.

so i go look at the rock. fair amount. looks half way decent. no corraline, no life. jsut bacteria. but still better than base rock. i ask how much. he says, the fiji and marshal island are 5.99 a pound. and the tonga branch is 8.99 a pound.. but, since it's all that's left, i jsut want to get rid of it (literally all the shelves were empty, tanks were being torn down. the place was half gutted - bankruptcy)

anyway, he says how about 2 bucks a pound. i figure cool. 2 is good for this rock, specially the tonga. so i picked some of the tonga, only came to 10 pounds. needed 15 more (i had 50 bucks on me) so i was looking through it and the owners husband says,
"hell take it all" i rpelied, sorry, only brought 50 bucks with me, enough for 25. so he says "ok, take it all for 50 bucks!"

:D :D :D :D :D

so i bought it and brought it home.. weighed it.. 115 pounds!!!! for FIFTY BUCKS

then i separated them. about 15 pounds of pretty solid base rock. about 25 pounds of good sized tonga branch. (one piece alone is over 15" long) about 40 pouns of marshal island rock, about 30 pounds of fiji. and about 5 pounds of coral skeetons, like candy canes, brains etc.. and some rubble.

not a bad deal :) now, i jsut have to find room for it along with the 60 pounds of fiji i alrady have, and the 20 pounds of dry base i bought last night (similar to hirocks)

275 pounds of rock !?!?!?!? :rolleyes: :D but hey, HOW could i even think about passing it up.

i know i wont have room for all of it, so i may have some rock for sale, real cheap, soon :)
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Extra LR & a now empty 55?
Looks like your cousin (Mr.*E*) is going to get a 55 sooner than he thought!
Nice score Jay!:beer:
What an awesome score Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! You really lucked up on that one....great score, Jay!!

Did you get the water in the tank yet?

Great deal... I assume you did get the one with the waggily tail?

Sorry for the bad joke, but it's morning. And now I can sing the song all day...
water is going in the tank tonight :)

i WANTED the one with the waggily tail, but none had one :funny:

it was just plain old rock, didnt even have any corraline on it. but i did get some great loking pieces of tonga, marshal, and fiji :D
It won't be long before the corraline starts growing, and growing and growing...

And you'll be glad you didn't get the one with the waggily tail....can you imagine the havoc it would wreak on your corals???:D

Man I didn't think somebody from the Army was smart enough to happen upon a deal like that!! Just kiddin' Way to go!!
nice one :D
Hey Jay that was a great deal and of coarse being a member of the "J" crowd has upped your reputation!!:D
Good score, use the 55 to hold the excess :D HUGE 'FUGE
This is a story worth reading about, hey when you sore you score big don't ya? I love tonga, that is some nice sizes from what your saying, hold on to that tightly! LOL

Don't feel too bad about that rock that I bought from the lfs on Friday had GORGEOUS pinks and oranges and yellows etc etc its bone white.....with small patchs of the darker purples still sure after the cycle the coralline will come back, but it will be all dark purple and none of that great pink and yellow I bought.......
I may be wrong which happens now and then but it seems to me that the real colorful corralline like the pinks are more prominent under lower lighting!:)
That is my understanding also, that all of it does best under lower lighting, but that in high MH you can still get good purple coverage.

Also my PH has been very low, and I just finished the auto-top off kalk doser today, so I should be able to start raising that first thing tomorrow, (not enough time tonight, have to go to work.

I may be wrong which happens now and then
johnny, you dont REALLY want me to comment here do ya :lol:
Jay I already feel bad enough about that "glue" thread!!:(
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