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So I am going to put my 30 gallon skimmer on my 72 gallon during the day to get it started. How long can I safely go on my 25 gallon before toxins build up? I should also say when I bought the 72 gallon it cam with fish 2 perc clowns and a yellow tang. I have the 2 percs in a 5 gallon and the tang in my 25 gallon. Now don't get mad at me I went to the LFS and they said yes they would look after them for me and I said what tank would they go in the said their regular 5-10 gallon tanks. They wouldn't put it in the big tank as they said it would be to hard to catch them again so thats why I took them home. I know they should be in a bigger tank and will be asap, thats why I need a skimmer asap!!

so I have a 25 gallon bow front
40 pounds of live rock
5 fish hawk, damsel, dottieback, clarkie, tang!
open brain coral, all kinds of mushrooms, 2 anemones, tree leather, flower pot, sun coral, 3 feather dusters, and crabs, hermit crabs, snails!!

How long can I go without skimming!!



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There are quite a few people out there who do not skim at all. Just keep a close eye on your perimaters and do more water changes than usual and that should get you by untill you can get a decent skimmer.
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