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how do i do this?

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im trying to load pics on here but it will only accept pics 170000kb.all of the pics i take are more than twice of that. ive tried to downsize them but that doesnt seem to work either. i have an olympus camedia master 4.0 program.

cut copy paste wont work either

Brandon & Kelly
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If you have Outlook, try to right click on the file and say "send to email recipient"

Then, you may have a choice to re-size the pics. You should be able to make them small enough, and then save the file somewhere.

Alternatively, you can open the file and then save as .JPG
That should make them smaller. ... or crop them with Paint.

Many options here.

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ive got it now!
thanks everyone!
Brandon & Kelly
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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