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HOT/HOB refugium ?

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i was told that hang on fuges put a lot of stress on an aquarium, what to you folks that use them do about that? stand it on something? just deal with it? i'd like to know more about this before i go out and buy one, so anybody with anything to say about them, please do tell.
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i have a cpr aquafuge running on a 46bowfront, its not very big, only 18x12x4 (about 2gl.), so there isn't any major stress on the tank. but for my other refugium i built a seperate stand for it behind the tank, because of its larger size, its 34x18x5.5 (about 10gl), but, i could have upgrade it to hob, but decided against it. i think hob refugiums are great, and serve a useful purpose by providing amphipods and copepods for some of the reef critters to munch on, unlike its counter-part, the sump refugium, which basicly serves as a filter.
HOT= ?
HOB= ?

New terms every day we gotta keep up with!
Thanks fellas ;)
Could it be top/bottom refugiums ?
HOT-hang on tank
HOB-hang on back

everyone has to come up with a new phrase for their stuff.

Would a 10g tank put strain on my 37g ?? I was going to set it ontop of the canopy... ???

Well as a general rule of thumb 1gal of seawater=roughly 8lbs. That does not factor in the weight of the tank or sand or rock or anything else.

I think only you could make the call as to whether or not you could put your tank on top of your canopy. If it were me I wouldn't do it but thats because I can't trust my canopy to hold that kind of weight. Not to mention that I'm thinking you'll wind up with a good deal of heat radiating up through the canopy.

my .02
Thanks Geoff!!
I've been meaning to ask for some time. I let it slip, though. Thanks Tyler to make it a thread subject :D
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