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Tanks associated with the system
·190 gallon display, 72wX24hX25d, single center overflow with 2 1” drains.
·125 gallon sump (running volume of 70 gallons)
·37 gallon display refugium in wetroom
·70 gallon DIY RO/DI top off reservoir
·2 44 gallon Brute can on wheels for additional RO/DI water and SW mixing
·Custom built Geo 848 Skimmer, running 2 gen-x 6000 pumps modified pulling approximately 1000lpm between the two. Skimmer is 48”X8” diameter.
·40-watt Pentair UV sterilizer plumbed to the skimmer feed.
·37 gallon refugium with liverock, deep sand bed and chaetomorpha amacro algae.
·2 Phosphate reactors running bulkreefsupply granular media.
In Tank Flow
·Currently running 2 Korila 4 pumps at 1200gph each and a vortec mp40 with wireless backup. Total 5600gph for about 31 times turnover
· Ocean Runner 6500 on a closed loop, fed to two spraybars under the liverock structure. 1700gph for another 9 times turnover.
·Panworld 200ps utilized as the return pump, estimated to be pushing about 1520gph to the tank for another 8 times turnover.

Total turnover rate is approximately 48 times per hour
Return and Skimmer Feed
·Sump return is a Panworld 200ps delivering approximately 1520gph to the display, for approximately 8 times turnover through the sump per hour.
·Skimmer feed is a Eheim 1262 which is ran through the UV sterilizer before feeding the skimmer. Approximately 400gph, or slightly over 2 times the tank volume is processed per hour.
·A Sedra 7000 feed the 37 gallon refugium and the two phosphate reactors.
Main Tank
·1 175 watt 10K XM SE bulb, on a m59 ballast halide in a 20X20 hood
·1 400 watt Aquaconnect 20K SE bulb being over-driven by a PFO HQI ballast in a 20X24” hood.
·4 24” 70 watt Super actinic VHO on a ARO 440 ballast.
·2 ¾ watt LED moonlights.

37 Gallon Display
·1 Screw type fluorescent 6,500K
·1 NO 24” fluorescent 10K
Other Stuff
·Neptune AC Jr. with DC8, temp and pH probe
·Neptune socket expansions for halides
·2 300 watt visitherm heaters (1 in overflow, 1 in sump)
·2 1” omni-flex nozzles on the sump return, 1 on the 37 gallon cube
·5-stage, 75gpd RO/DI unit
·2 American DJ power centers
·Kent float-valve ATO tied to 70 gallon RO/DI holding vessel
·Eheim 1248 pump for waterchanges
·10,000BTU AC unit to cool the wetroom
·100cfm bathfan
·2 100cfm fans to induct and exhaust the air in the headspace over the tank
·Battery backup for the vortec pump which can deliver up to 30 hours of backup power in the event of a power failure
·ATO unit and a GEO Kalk reactor for top offs and Ca addition
·MJ1200 for additional flow in the refugium

·1 Mimic Tang
·1 Coral Beauty
·4 Blue Chromis
·1 Mandarin
·1 Ocellaris Clown (in quarantine)

·Approximately 15 astrea snails
·Approximately 20+ Nassrius snails
·5 Mexican Turbo snails
·5 Zebra snails
·Approximately 30 crabs (zebra, scarlet, blue and yellow legged)
·2 brown brittle stars
·1 Banded coral shrimp

·2 Devils Hand leathers
·Mystery green palys with about 12 heads
·2 Frog Spawn
·1 Green Birds Nest
·2 brown Gorgonia
·1 white bubble coral
·1 candy cane
·3 monti caps (green, purple and red)
·4 monti digis (green, blue/green, red and orange)
·Eagle Eye zoas
·Mixed Zoa
·Tri-colored acro
·Blue milli
·Green acro

Link to the build thread:

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