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I have a 400gph HOB filter that I am using with a piece of filter floss in my 40b. Out of the box, it did a great job of sucking stuff from the bottom, but wasn't skimming the surface at all. I tried phase 1 of surface skimmer modifications last week and it works kinda. It is sucking water from the surface, but also sucking air in a vortex, causing microbubbles. The 5/8'' tubing helps, but also impedes the water flow from the surface.

I was playing in sketchup this morning and came up with three designs that might work for a cheap PVC surface skimmer mod. I don't want to get a sump yet if I don't need to, although I might. For $5 in PVC, one of these has to be worth a shot. Note: the large piece of PVC will have slits cut into it similar to an overflow box, I couldn't get sketchup to cooperate.

#1- simplest from its current form. Still worried that it is going to suck air because of how the inlet is.

#2- might be the most effective option. Wondering though if the power goes out, will the pump be strong enough to get the surface skimmer going again? Would I need to add a check valve and air line to get a siphon started?

#3- not sure about this, the thought was that the 45 degree angle would break up the vortex, but I don't know.

What do y'all think? Pictures are its current inglorious form. It was plastic welded with a screwdriver and camp stove, definitely not a work of art.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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