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Hiya guys. : )

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Just a hello and a couple questions. I was active in the hobby a few years ago. I ran a reef in a 30 long for several years but gave away all my livestock and packed it up when we moved from the Chicago area up to the Cities. Cleaning the garage a few weeks ago I found all my aquaria materials and I've caught the bug again.

I still have all my equipment but I'm looking to get into a 90 (or anything close that is 48 inches in length)gallon plus tank now so will be converting the old 30 into a sump. Of course I can't just use the old equipment. This is an excellent excuse with the wife to upgrade everything right? : )

Just as in reefing nothing good happens quickly I'm approaching my new setup similiarly. I'm going to try a DYI hood and stand based upon this design: I'll need to convert it to a 48 inch setup but I really like the duel canopy opening option. I'm planning on two 250 watt MH and two actinic power compacts. I have a DYI skimmer but the wife doesn't like the thing that looks like a toilet standing next to the tank with brown sludge coming out of it. : ) I'm considering a AquaC EV-120 to replace my DYI skimmer. Our water is pretty poor here in Hastings. I was spoiled in our Chicago area. I'm going to have to pick up a Kent Marine Bare Bones R.O. Unit Hi-S or similiar product. The wife has me on a strict budget so I'm looking to acquire used upgrades before buying new.

I've been lurking for a bit here and talked to a few folks via PMs. I sent an email to the TCMAS email address inquiring about joining. I understand I need an application that can be picked up at the next meeting. I'm not sure when that is however. I saw a post today from someone that its the 13th. Where is it going to be held? I'd like to attend if I can. Looking forward to meeting you all. From what I've seen here on the board and heard from PMs with a few it sounds like a great group of hobbyists. Oh, and any comments about my basic design are more then welcome.
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Send an email to [email protected] to get info on when and where the next meeting.
Welcome to TRT and TCMAS Todd!
Welcome aboard Todd!!!
Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to see you all at the meeting on Wednesday! I set up my old 30 long for now and plan on moving everything over to the new tank once I acquire everything for it.
Welcome Todd. I can't make this meeting, but I'm sure i'll meet you at a future meeting.
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