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Hi, I am relatively new to the hobby and live in Rochester, Minn. I was forwarded this site by Stella(Jodi) and look forward to hopefully getting together with some local folks that know more than the guy from petco.
I've got a 92 Gal corner tank with 150# live rock (80# Fiji, 50# TBS-rest assorted), a not quite DSB (2-3 inches).
Current livestock includes a brain coral and condy that hitchhiked with the rock, a new mushroom, 2 damsels, 2 false percs and a lawnmower blennie (my fav), assorted crabs (porcelain, emerald and hermits), snails (mainly turbos), 2 brittle and 2 serpent stars and a fighting conch.
Right now I'm running a Filstar canister (HIGHLY recommended by the LFS) which I am in the process of removing media (can't get the nitrates <2.5), 3 MJ 1200's, a RIO 600.
For lighting I have about 400watts of PC 10,000K and actinic mixed.
So far the water params are good (except the NO3) and everybody is happy-even the brain.
Due to the lighting, I plan on sticking with predominantly softies with occasional low light LPS. I think I'm pretty much done with fish-I may add a couple of Fire gobies and a tang (last) later.
WHEW-long post. Like I said looking forward to meeting some of you if given the chance.

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I am awalys thrilled to see another local reefer. I am happy you made it here. Too bad you could not have joing TheReefTank just a few days sooner. We had the Rochester Marine Aquarium Club meeting Tuesday and I was just giving away the corals ;) well a few at least.

I am impressed that you have a big tank, good lights, and plenty of live rock for having started with the Rochester LFS.

Hope to see you around,
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