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Got this cool looking brownish mottled looking starfish with my rock. He always just kind of moves around the rock and the glass. I wondered if it was good or bad....haven't seen it bother any corals....BUT

I had this really cool looking yellow sponge growing on one of the rocks. It was about the size of a ping pong ball. Bright yellow - and alive - often had "breathing tubes" open....

Well....the starfish has been munching away all day. Now have a lot of white patches on my nice yellow sponge. The sponge was on a rock that would have probably gotten covered with a peice of coral as I build up the reef so I am not that concerned about the loss (not happy but not that concerned....). Question is whether or not to ditch the star ..... is he gonna be trouble down the road? If he is eating this sponge today - what will he eat tomorrow???? ADVICE?
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