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my mom called earlier and wanted to know if she could take asia for a few days, sicne school is out. so i took her over there about 8:00 this evening.

well on the way back from my mom's, i was driving down a semi busy street that has neighborhoods on either side. at one point the road has a curve, that is practically a 90 degree left turn. it's usually extremely hard totell if anyone is coming from the other direction, around the bend, or if there may be someone crossing the street.

speed limit on this street is 35mph, however i always slow to at least 20 mph at the bend jsut in case.

tonight my worst fears came true, while appraochign the bed, i slowed to about 20, as usual, andfrom out of nowhere, comes a guy (posibly late teens, early 20's) on a bicycle, right smack in front of me.

i hit my brakes immediatly, but still hit him. jsut hard enough to knock him down. but it didn't "throw" him or anythign like that ,since i was already moving quite slow to begin with.

well as soon as i realize what happened. i throw the car in park and jump out, already dialing 911. before i can reach the front of the car, to make sure the guy is ok, he's already on his feet and running away!! but left his bike in the street!

i holler out to him, he keeps going. the 911 operator asks how she can help, so i explain to her that i jsut hit someone on a bicycle. she asks if they are ok, and i tell her, "ok, heck he's two blocks away by now!" then i explain to her that he got up and took off right away, etc...

i ask if i should stay there, or come down to the station or what. this was an accident that i couldnt avoid, but now hes gone. i jsut dont want to get in trouble for hit and run, if the guy shows up at a hospital later or anything.

she says wait there, they have a unit close by, they should be there in a few minutes, and will get a report from me.

well less than a minue later a squad car puls up and the cops are like which way did he run! so i point in the direction he ran too, and the cops say, stay here another squad car is on the way, and they speed off with sirens blaring.

the ni start seeing cop cars left and right, going down the streets around me. all with sirens on, but noone is stopping to talk to me.

a few minutes later, another squad car finally shows up. and asks if i am the one that hit someone on the bike. so i'm thinking, well i have a bike under my front bumper, i guess it would be me :) but i restrain and jsut say yes.

so the cop is asking me 20 questions, what was your speed, when did you see him, how long until you hit your brakes, etc... i tell them everything that happened, up to and incuding the first sqaud car that showed up.

well after about 20 minutes of questions, and writings. the cop says to me, a squad car will be here in a moment, can you look in the back and identify if the man in the car is the man you hit or not.

so a car pulls up, i take a good look and say yep, that's him. i remember his face, and that coat hewas wearing. so the cop walks over to the car, says something to the driving office, and they pull away, still with the hit and run guy in the back.

then finally the cop comes back over to me. "Mr Thomson, you will not be getting a ticket for todays incident. havea nice day." so i'm like wait a minute, and he says are you ok to drive? would like an officer to drive you home. and i'm like no, i'm fine, but what's goign on. why no ticket.

the cop says, well, jsut between us. the first squad car you saw, was already chasing that guy, he jsut broke into a womans house 6 blocks down, stole her money, and snatched the bike off her front porch to get away. her neighbor saw the man as soon as he broke in and called ht cops, so they were on the way immediatly. when he heard the sirens he ran outside, saw the bike, grabed it, and took off.

and then YOU hit him :) that slowed him down, and thanks to you calling 911 right away, the cops knew which way he went. they caught him a few blocks down the road.

even though yo udid hit someone, it was an accident. you stayed at the scene, and you called 911. and in the end, you actually did a good thing by hititng him, since yo uslowed him down quite a bit. so, we see no reason fora citaton here, do you?

not at all!!! you have a great day too!

i have to say, i felt pretty good hearing that news, but i was still pretty shaken up about hitting someone. luckily it turned out for the best, but i jsut kept thinking, what if it had been a little kid, etc..

i know i'm not supposed to, but i came home and had a shot of amaretto :) i needed it!

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Man, don't ya wish ya hit him harder now???

They would have taken a picture for the front cover of the paper.... with him strung up like a big fish ya just caught.... :)

Well, maybe not... but anyways, nice job!! It really does pay to do the right thing... :)

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Yowza, Jay! How bout bein in the right place at the right time? I"m glad you were just shook up and not hurt.

TRT to the ResQ :dance:

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lol doug.. swerve and deflect :funny:

yeah it was more than crazy and stressfull! i was totally frekaing out when i called 911. here i'm worried about going to jail for hitting someone, and hte guy gets up and runs away!

had i been some other poeple i'd have gotten back in my car and went on about my business. but ya know, if i had done that, it would have come back to haunt me.

overall i'm jsut glad that it turned out the way it did and wasnt some kid not paying attention. which is why i slow down at that bend anyway.

i called my PO today to let her know what happened, jsut in case, and she said she had heard about it, but didnt know that it had been me. i then, felt the need to be totally honest, and i told her that i had a shot of amaretto to calm my nerves when i got home.

she jsut laughed, and said ok. under the circumstances, i'll let it slide just this once :)
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