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Just thought i would say hi to all the Reef club members that come on here ................
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Hello Maria... Good to hear from you... :)
Well it was a little quiet in here so i just thought i would jaze it
Looks like were the only 2 that come here anymore... lol
Nope, Im here,too. I drop in now and then just to spy on everyone. Hope to see you guys at the next meeting!!!
I'm glad to see someone post in this forum from time to time.

Most of our communication is in the open ARC forum which is ok. But, I'd like to see us use this forum more often.

Thanks for starting this thread Maria!

Hi to all. I see that The Fish Store and More has become a corporate sponsor of the club. I'm glad to hear that. I also see that the October meeting is scheduled to be there, on a Wednesday night. At the risk of opening a big ol' can of worms, have we re-thought our club policy of holding meetings only on Tuesday nights? Its fine by me, but I know this was a somewhat controversial topic not too long ago.
I will let one of the BOD comment on that.........
Im not on the BOD

but I'll comment anyway. I think as long as the meeting is held during the second week of the month, then the host should get to pick the day. Just my $2. (;) my opinions have gone up in price ;))
Lets not even bring this up again.

Meetings are held on the 2nd tuesday of the month .... period ..... unless there is special circumstances (like TFS&M) and then we'll deal with that when the time comes.

If you would like to host a meeting but have to have it on a night other than Tuesday --- we can talk --- otherwise this issue has been debated way too many times in the past and we definatly are not going to go there again.

Sorry I didn't mean for this to sound harsh ---- but we go through this about every 3 or 4 months --- the outcome is allways the same and I don't see it ever changing.
Well, I certainly didnt know that was a can of worms! Ouch!!!! OK, I'll discuss a different day should I be inclined to host a meeting. However, if/when I do, it'll be a Nano meeting, which I understand is a Sat/Sun night. Which is fine with me,too.
Sorry Nicole --- That is one of the biggest can-o-worms in the ARC forums.

As for hosting a Nano meeting --- we would definatly love you to do that --- that would get a meeting down south by The Fish Garden --- I'm sure Eric and Ross wouldn't mind if we paid them a visit for a group purchaseing/fragging field trip.


And sorry once again I really didn't mean for that to sound so harsh.
No apologies needed! Feelings weren't hurt a bit. I just didnt know that that has already been discussed. Yes, I'll plan a nano meeting down here in the next few months. Sounds great!!!
9fishers said:
Yes, I'll plan a nano meeting down here in the next few months. Sounds great!!!
I was thinking maybe in Jan. Give that some thought. :)
I wonder, do yall, (Reef Club) do like a christmas meeting or anything in December?
We have been considering haveing the Dec meeting be a family night out. Maybe some kind of Family ammusment center like Galaxy Quest or something similar.

That way the kids can play -- everyone can eat pizza and the grownups (if thats what you want to call us) can sit back and have an informal, fun type meeting.

Anyway all this is still on the drawing board so please don't hold me to anything I just said.
So who gets to play Grownup? Dang kinda weird hearing us called that. I just didn't know if we drew names or anything. I guess I can just keep my ear to the ground.

Something in Dec. would be wonderful! Since I am in school I cant make the meetings anymore....I might be able to make a nano meeting seeing if it is on a football weekend
Actually it might be cool to have one meeting in Columbia. Seeing as how they also have a Reef Club. Maybe a weekend gathering or something. I am sure I could ask Lisa if her Grandma (owns a tour company in Columbia) if we could get a hotel conference room or something. Definatly a good way to get new ideas on stuff and perhaps Bug brand new Fish Stores....(Most of the ones around here seem to recognize me and high tail it out the back (jk)). Just a thought. Either way, I will be in Columbia thisweekend. I can pick up some southdown if I can find any.

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