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Hi, my name is Yardboy, and I'm an addict

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It all started innocently enough. took my wife for a trip to Pensacola to check out the mall and the lfs. On the way we passed (and turned around, should have kept going) a new aquarium outlet, Ocea manufacturing. Stopped to just "check it out". Oh my god, they have not only a huge selection of tanks, but the highest quality cabinets and canopies I've seen. So here's my question. "If" I want to go from my present 70 to about a 150-200 gallon tank, what would be the best size and shape for the tank, and size and position of overflow. It'll go against the wall and be a reef tank. They had such a plethora of sizes that it got kind of confusing so to prevent some major impulse buying I thought I better get some serious help from TRT!
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sounds like a personal preferance to me. what will fit on the wall youre putting it on? for reef it seems like usually a deeper tank from front to back always makes for great decorating and if you do fish it will give them room to move. $ is always another factor too. if you go with a taller tank (24"+) you will have to with halide lights which brings on many more options. the standard rectangle shape will be easier to get lights on than a corner or hexagon type. it would be to your benefit to buy a tank that is drilled out for overflows also.

if i could buy and setup the tank of my choice it would be somewhere along the lines of 6' long x 3' tall and 3' deep. or there abouts. and made from acrylic too.

happy shopping!!!! wish i was in your shoes right now!
Brandon & Kelly
You have gotten some good advice already!

If you are going to have a reef tank what do you plan on keeping?

Will it be sps corals and clams?

Will it be a LPS coral and soft corals?

Will it be a mixed reef?

What type of fish do you plan to have as some fish especially tangs require alot of swim space?

How much time and money are you willing to put into your hobby?

Just some questions to consider!:)
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Yep, I agree with the above ...

how big of a space? Determine this, we can help more.

what are you keeping? Determines somewhat the layout size/ lighting, etc.

And go with pre-drilled overflows for sure. You'll want them
find one with the most space..... id liike for a 200 gal....7 ft x 2ft x 2 ft :)
Thanks guys. I'll be wanting a mixed reef, definitely with sps. Biggest question is depth, not sure I want something I can't get my hand to the bottom of without a ladder or diving. I appreciate width, benefits go without saying. Overflows(no more overflow siphons for me)- they had them on the side, in the middle, in the back. As for length - the longest system lights I've seen have been 6'. Borneman doesn't like canopies, and the canopy on mine has been a "learning experience" on light placement. Someone here, (Mnreefman?) isn't using a canopy, but I wonder about the light shining in my eyes? Not to mention how much the canopy costs. This is nuts. I thought I'd learned a lot with my 70, but the learnings just begun!
I've seen those HQI [sunlight supply i think] pendants that hang down ... no light in my eye. I'd think it would depend on the reflector ... but thought that a sweet setup.

I'd also agree with not-too-deep as I would like to reach the bottom too. Saw a 120 last night, mature reef - was great. 2 big spurs coming out from both sides and open in front, middle, back [back was visible from other room]. I thought the aquascaping possibilities were awesome - but if you can't see from the sides into back, that would suck to have so much back-space.

But thought it looked much more natural of a 'scape, and had each `ridge' from the sides directly under a MH.

Just my 2 cents; I just dream about big tanks like that - and given Fl is a long drive; probably dreaming 'til after my wedding. Then it's my priority [she's into reefs, too]
sounds like a marriage made in heaven. Have to wonder about your handle? My wife looooves mango's, had one in her yard as a kid! I've thought seriously about how to arange so you can see all around it also. Some big cubes around that look really sweet. My next house I'll have to plan around a cube in the hallway or living room! I better start seriously looking around at 'scaping, so I'll know where to go from here.
By the way, how does a 150 tank, big overflow in the back, canopy and stand of solid oak and oak plywood for $1100 sound?
sounds sweet I paid $2500 for my 180:)
Yeah, I got a good one ... a reefer :)
X-mas this year we'll be giving each other gift certs. for scuba certification.

Well, the mangomark comes from the time I spent in Pakistan, eating their awesome mangoes. If I lived far enough south - I'd have to grow them. Nothing like what you can get in a store here - they had like 70 different varieties ... 70 varieties of nirvana. Probably the only mango thing I really salivate over in the midwest is HaagenDazs mango ice cream.

Anyway - both those sound like tanks I'm dreaming of. Guess my 58 reef and soon to be setup propagation setup will have to keep me happy a year or two [40 breeder and 38 gallon sump/fuge/2nd prop]. Get to tweak all the plumbing, figure out all the `back end' that I'd want for my big tank except wiring up lights [scwd, having a local guy drill hole, building acrylic internal overflow, building internals on sump ....]
no i use a canopy on all my tanks...granted once i set i have my deam set up done once i move ..... open tops on all...
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