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Thanks for letting me in!

When I was a teenager I worked at a really cool fish store and developed a love for the hobby. I had two reef tanks 20 years ago but took them down after moving (29 & 72 bowfront). I've currently got a 42 gallon bowfront that has been set up for about 3 years as a planted tank... but the salt is calling me. I sold the old tanks, lights, filters, and everything basically before I had kids... sooooo I am cursing myself for that now - because naturally, I have decided to start up a tank again for the kids (and myself). I am playing the extremely slow game with this one and just really enjoying the process - I've got a project of sizeable proportions on my hands but I am looking forward to it.

I bought an old 72 gallon bowfront and stand that needed a LOT of love and have been working them back into shape. I resealed it, fixed the brace that was worn out in the middle, repainted it, repaired and stained the stand. I luckily kept some of my old show-stopper live rock (now dead) and supplemented the rest with some filler stuff that I've been epoxying and gluing together like an evil scientist for the past week in the garage. My gloved hands and work table have drawn some strange looks from the family.
I still need to drill the back to put on an overflow and then need to make my sump.. but in the words of Cat Stevens (Yusef) -- "I'm on my way". Hopefully I'll be on my way to water flow and the seeding of coralline algae in a few more weeks. No rush. I'm sure you will see a bunch of questions from me in the coming months because the hobby has changed significantly. All help is greatly appreciated! Hopefully, this turns out and the kids get to fall in love with the reef the way I did after seeing my first tank grow up.
- John
South Carolina (Go Clemson Tigers)

Still need to drill

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Welcome to TRT John!
MAN, that rock work is to die for.....We shall be chatting Cuz! 👍
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