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never even heard of it?!

in my opinion its one of the most stunning anemones! theyre the most commonly photographed with clownfish. usually perculas. purple or red base, with several bright green with purple tipped tenticles?

this guy has a small one....theyre exceptionally difficult to keep alive, but if you have the right set up...its possible it can work. so i was just wondering if any body has one currently.....


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When I was in Upscale last, they had one - that was about a month or so ago. I wish I had the room. It was very nice looking. Also, WAVES had one about 4 or more months ago. But I think it is gone.

I have heard they are very difficult, but if I had the room and I found the right specimen I would give it a try. It does worry me that Steve ran out of room :>) I currently have several rose and green BTAs and a Haddoni carpet anemone. I find with good light, a good set up and proper feeding that these anemones are not hard to keep.

A gentleman on reef central kept one for a very long time, until a week or so ago when he had a full system crash. You would fine old posts by him if you search.

Good luck,
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