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I am beyond that, I thought I found mt end lover, but I dont have the will to fights between her demons and mine, I just need someone that can fix all my cyber stuff. When the lady friend moved, and I knew it needed to happen but it took the last shreds of my heart, espcially after being actively married for 44 yrs. I held out for almost five then I let her in, and now she is gone. I am too old to start over :( I dont have the strength to deal with it anymore

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Just a quick How'D'doo to All Y'All.....

First day back to the pony show was reasonably uneventful.....and my new monitor that's supposed to stay attached to my 24/7 for 2 weeks made it one day at it reattached and ONE MORE LEFT. These were made for office folk, NOT BY workers.

Temps begin to build again tomorrow starting us off with 90F, then by the end of the week back up into the SWEATS!

The last of the sleepless overs were gone by time I got home....BUT this morning they were sprawled. Had to keep taking the long way through the house, which meant continually waking up Jen as I passed through our bedroom to get to the bathroom....the living room'far side' room....front shop......

Sounds like that fire Doug is on the move North......BE SAFE my Friend.

Eyes they be getting heavy, and I know the cure.....hope nice dreams share the night with All.....PEACE,

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Evening all,
A/C parts showed up here , then headed north to work on oldest nephew鈥檚 a/c. Glad I 鈥渙verpacked鈥 the truck with tools, even tho I ended up not using most of em. Replaced the cable that burnt up to the compressor, ( and plugged back in the 2 good ones , to make sure everything worked ) it worked 馃憤馃徏馃檹馃憤馃徏, so I let it run a bit to test drive things and allow some cooling to start in his condo. Then I replaced the other 2 cables/terminations, and cleaned /checked the rest of the unit . $50 for the repair kit ( with my free labor n gas) compared to a 鈥減ro鈥( more on this later) doing the same thing for $450( 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煠煒)and prob not to level of 鈥渃are鈥 of the install/repair that I put into it 馃槈 . I call it a win 馃憤馃徏.
Nephew said the contractors the home warranty place uses have at best 1( ONE) star ratings/reviews , as he learned after some digging/research. Guess they are known to 鈥減ad鈥 a repair order( hence the estimated $450 ) and otherwise rip folks off.
Needless to say, nephew is gonna cancel the claim, along with ditching the warranty company. Told him the $100 or so he had invested/spent so far regarding the home warranty place, is money well 鈥渟pent鈥 with cutting ties with them.
Texted a vid of the unit running to Sis, and told her the job was done馃憤馃徏, she thanked me and said 鈥淒ad would be proud of me 鉂も,, told her I had great teachers growing up 馃槈. I have to say I have big shoes to fill , but I had a great base of overall 鈥渇ix it knowledge 鈥 instilled in me to work from鉂

Only thing penciled in for the morning is to load up 6-7 large boxes of books and a garbage bag of clothes and take them to the county run resale shop, proceeds of donated items sold there benefit those folks/families in need馃憤馃徏馃檹鉂. Then the rest of the day is mine to pick /choose how it plays out.

Hope everyone had a great day馃憤馃徏
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