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here is my 10 gallon setup i have had going for about 4 months. it works fantastic and my water is crystal clear. just thought i would post for my first time and show you guys what i'm working with. as you can see in the pics, the main tank only has 1 main pump in it, this pumps water to the sump which has two HOB whisper filters, a heater, and live rock, plant, and sand in it. once the water level reaches the hole in the glass it overflows down the acrylic tray i made into the main tank. it creates a perfect amount of water current within the tank and keeps everything looking great. let me know what you guys think or with any suggestions on improvements of my system.

10 gallon AGA tank
5.5 gallon AGA sump/fuge
whisper j and whisper 10 HOB filters
75 watt heater
1-15 watt blue actinic light (or however you spell it)
1-15 watt full spectrum light
1-100 watt 5500K light
1-75 watt 6500K light
30lbs live rock
20lbs sand
red mushrooms
button polyps
green polyps
blue legged hermits
2 green chromis
4 turbo snails
cleaner shrimp
peppermint shrimp
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