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Evening gang, survived work and shopping, Still waiting on payroll tho it should be ready in a bit. Really upset the Furgee chewed handle on gallon of milk. House stinks of garlic, making fermented garlic honey tea. Supposed to be a kick A immune booster. Oh it wasnt even my gallon od milk so I had to replace it for daughters boys.
Spent half hr on phone to India talking to internet provider about billing discrepancies between my 2 accounts. As figured that left me less than satisfied.
it wasnt a bad day till off work, then stuff kinda piled up. GF is neck deep into sorting and packing, hired a friend of mine to help, he is a school bus driver so he is gonna drive big rental up to her new place.
Nasty business on Killer Heat and Fires up North Vinny and Hack. Hack you missed a zero in acreage estimates, 150 K acres are not unusual out her in Oregon, other areas have it worse but smoke and ah SUX.
Tired but I am in middle of a couple food prep things so cant slow down, anywho best wishes to all of you out there, be safe and happy
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