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I need some help...I currently have a Work horse 7 ballast powering just two 54w, 46.5" T5s. I want to add two more T5s to this ballast......

What i did was add two more T5 endcaps and bulbs to my pre wired work horse 7 ballast. (I want to have 220 watt ballast to power 4X54w bulbs)

What I did to add two more bulds to the wiring was, splice the yellow wire, and add two more end caps. I wired the two new ends the same way the prewired ends caps already were wired.

THen I did the same to the red wires. This is where I think there may be a problem, THe ballast has only one yellow wire coming out of the ballast housing, while the red had two sets of red wire coming out of the ballast, making like a loop, one end of the red wire comes out of the ballast to a single endcap and then a second red wire leaves from the endcap back to the ballast. I didn't create a new loop from the ballast to the two new endcaps, I simply just spliced each set of red wires and added an addiditonal end cap to each pair of red wires....was this wrong?

I fired up the ligths and only two of the four bulbs worked.....I turned the two bulbs that didn't light up a bit, and they both lit up....all four are working now, But I have a feeling I did this wrong.....

any info will help a lot...thanks....
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