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HELP! Sunpac equip....

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it appears half of my retro fit sunpac 2x65 unit is junked. anyone know where i can find the best deal to replace it?

i bought the set up used. the LFS gave (as in gave) me a halide light off a biocube 29 and told me it would work to put SPS into my 60 gallon. but this tank is fairly tall... i plugged in the halide to check it out, and i'm afraid that might not be enough light. i thought about running that and a ACT. light in the working ballist... but that doesn't solve my "enough light" issue.......

what do you guys think?

and this is the unit i am looking to find the best deal on, 2x65:

any help is greatly appreciated! i have been running on budget fairly well, until this! ha ha. i know!!!

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