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Today I bought my first two saltwater fish, clownfish. I bought both of them together. After being acclimated to the tank by the drip method they seemed great both were playful and even were eating. About an hour or two later one of the little guys had a white spot on his right fin, which I am a hundred percent sure wasn't there before I brought him home. I started to freak out thinking it was ich, another hour passed and these white spots kept popping up only on him there is now a total of 8 spots and they are perfect circles too ( no idea if that matters?) I tried taking a picture to post on here but they don't really show up well on camera. My question is could this be ich or could it be stress? He was also being beat up by another black clowfish in the pet store. Can ich spread that fast and also not show up on my other clownfish?
This sounds like Ich to me, and is a direct effect from stress.
If it was being beat up at the lfs, then you brought it home, the chances are the slime coat was already weak from stress, and this is when Ich is able to dig in to the host.

As far as a treatment goes, there is not anything you can do while the parasite is bored in the host.
it is protected by several layers of skin and no mead, or Fresh Water dips will do anything to the Parasite during this time.

Your best option is to provide a nutritional diet, and keep low stress environment.

See the "Ich" thread in my signature, this will go over all the various stages in the parasites life cycle, as well as clear up any myths out there about treatments and such.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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