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Help, something is eating my sponge

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Something has devoured my blue sponge, the blue was coming off little by little until 1/2 of it was white, at first I thought it was dying so I cut the good part off & moved it & so far it's fine but last night we could see little (what I thought were copods) all over the original spot, so are they eating it????
I'm just worried because I also have a large red tree sponge that I don't want them to attack next. I had a Mandarin Goby but he died from not enough copods but now that I have no more fish in the tank to eat them they seem to be coming out of the wood work - any advice? Should I stick another Mandarin in there to eat them - or any other kind of goby?
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Is this the tank that was kinda new? I think the pods eat the dying sponge and not the healthy but I could be wrong.

yes my tank is about 5 months old - but if that's true that they are just eating the dying sponge then that's fine with me. Although now I'm not sure why my sponge was dying - it's always something.....
Yeah, I have found that sponges are hit or miss. I have kept one successfully for a year to have just die and shrivle up. But I have new sponges growing from my rock all the time.

Agree with Ray, sponges are tough to keep. They generally need a lot of current flow, and near constant supply of fine particulate matter food (microvert), and usually a fair amount of available silicates ,which will also of course fuel diatom blooms in your tank. I had a lot of nice sponges that were hithchhikers on my liverock, including the real pretty blue and purple branching sponges, a number of ball sponges (yellow, orange and grey-black). and some of the reddish orange encrusting type. Pretty much all of them have slowly died off over time, except some of the encrusting sponges, and even they seem to be slowly receeding. Don't mean to discourage you, but most folks I've talked to haven't had much luck with sponges. But if there's someone out there who's had better luck with them, I'd sure love to hear their secrets.
we are in almost the same boat as everyone else. we have a red sponge that looked great when we got him. 2 weeks later he started to turn white around the edges. then we started to feed spectra vital to the tank and i cant even describe the difference that made in everything including the sponge. i brushed off the white stuff and all has been well since then(3 weeks). i also target feed the sponge with a turkey baster, which i think helps.

sponges can be very toxic when they are cut into from what i hear. and that you should not cut them unless in another tank then quarantine them for 4 weeks!

like i said this is only what i hear. also sponges feed on nitrates i guess. and low level light since they are not photosynthetic.

good luck!
Brandon & Kelly
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