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I have a Six Line Wrasse that has seemingly taken to illness. About 2 days ago I noticed He had what looked like his mucus along the side of his body. His sides seemed a little bumpy and his scales looked like they could be possibly raised. He's been acting fine I've been trying to research to figure out what's been wrong with him. This morning though I looked into the tank with the room light on (tank lights don't come on til later in the day since I work til 5) and he was standing straight up on his tail and breathing very slowly. I've never seen how he sleeps as this is the first time he's ever not been hidden for sleep but it didn't look natural or reassuring. So hoping that he's still alive when I get home, with the awareness I probably can't get a pick up while at work does anyone have ANY suggestion at all, as I feel immediate action will be in order. I had tried to get pictures before but he swims around constantly and so they were all too blurry to see exactly what the symptoms were.

Please and Thank You for any help, I fear that if this guy goes I'm giving up on Six Lines. My last one died mysteriously with absolutely no signs of illness.

Tank levels were all perfect as of 2 days ago. Temp at 78. Salinity 1.024. etc

All my corals and all are doing perfectly fine and are still stretched out so I don't feel that it's in any way a water quality issue.

EDIT: New post has pictures. Can't figure out how to delete this one.
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