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HELP Pump Just Broke!

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I was performing routine maintenance on my 40 Gallon Hexagon Reef tank, changing 10 gallons of salt and inserting a new carbon bag into my canister filter. When I went to go tighten up my canister the lid holsters snapped and water sprayed everywhere. Now I can't run my filter!

I have a power head running that circulates 500 gallons an hour but that's now the only circulation/filtration my reef tank is receiving.

Because of work I won't be able to buy a new filter until after 5:00 P.M. and I'm worried my reef tank will suffer between now (12:00 P.M.) and when I install the new filter.

Pleas advise, how much time do i have to buy this filter? Will my reef begin to suffer or even die within my short time?
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If you can keep the water circulating and the temp where it should be I think you will be fine until 5 pm when you are able to get a new filter. What is in the tank?
In the tank there are some sensitive organisms.
1. Tank is half full of live rock
2. Large 12" Sebae Anemone
3. 1.5" maroon clown
4. Juvenile copperbanded butterfly
5. Kole Tang
6. 1.5" Maxima Clam
7. several soft corals.

The temp always remains between 79 - 81
The water is circulating due to my powerhead

I wanted to ditch my canister filter anyways so this gives me an excuse. I'm not sure what i should replace it with, any suggestions?

Tanks specs:
40 Gal Hexagon
4" Crushed coral bed
500 gal/hour powerhead
Aqua50 LED Lighting
*The above mentioned live organisms*
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Well it sounds like you have enough liverock that it should suffice as a filter. If you added another powerhead to make sure you have enough circulation around the rock, you won't need to replace with any other kind of "filter" provided you vacuum out the detrimus during water changes.

The hexagon tanks are harder to circulate do to their shape, maybe add the powerhead on a timer or better yet, some kind of sweeper.
squeezing a sump under there might be hard. so hob skimmer?
Can you fit a Cheap HOB on there? Pick one up at walmart and stick the media from the canister in it.

You can buy a new lid for your canister. The same thing happened to aFluval I had and I had to replace the lid.
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