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Bear with me... This really is fish tank related.

My wife and I are going to New Hampshire this fall for a wedding. We live in Atlanta.

We could do this the easy way (fly up and back)....
or the painful way (drive it).

We figured we could take some time, and hit all of the public aquaria between here and there to break up the drive.

Can you guys suggest places to visit (or avoid) en route?
Of course we've been to the TN aquarium in chatanooga. We'll be dropping our parrots off at "Grandmas" in KY - so our first step might be the new aquarium in Newport, KY.
After that, who knows.

Any suggestions?
A quick internet search has found aquariums in New Jersey, New York (Brooklyn), and Boston. Any others? Any comments on the three listed? If the three best are in that area, we could always fly from Louisville or Cinci to cut out the long drive between the two.

Thanks a lot!

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