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I have noticed that just about every single bulb 65w PC unit is being discontinued. Everything has gone to x4 lights now, which sux because for me I need unit that is no more than 5.25" wide to sit along side another PC I already have. The x4 PCs with sleeker lights are 7.5" wide :(

I have found only ONE vendor that still has a 24" x1 65w unit.

They have been discontinued and are out of stock everywhere else.

My only other option is to go T5

With this unit, I lose 17w though.

1)Can I mix PC and T5?

2)If I buy a PC, are the older fatty replacement bulbs for the x1 style units going to be available in the future?

3) If I go T5, is the loss of 17w overall going to matter on a 26 bow front?
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