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well, i stayed up all night moving a 65 into a 90. so to celebrate, i'm getting something new. i havent' been into this scene very long, so help me pick a new fish of some sort.

my current stock list in the 90 gallon is

1 yellow tang
1 lawnmower blennie
1 yellow watchman globie & pistol shrimp
1 6 line wrasse
1 black perc
2 saddleback percs
6 green chromis (will soon be leaving to another home)

pretty sure thats it. let me hear what you folks like that i dont have.

thanks for the input

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i also have two cleaner gobies, the little blue guys that are about an inch long.
Never had any of these guys (believe they are also known as neon gobies), but I've been thinking about getting a pair.

Otherwise, I love the color my royal gramma adds.
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