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I am moving from woodruff road area to Simpsonville. I am hoping some people with better knees than myself can lend me a hand. I have a 110 Oceanic glass aquarium and stand I needed to move. I can borrow a pickup from work for the move. I was hoping to move it as early as next weekend.

I was plannning on emptying everything out and into trashcans. I can move the rocks and sand...just need helpful persons to get tank moved.

I also have a 25 gallon saltwater tank I needed a hand moving. It will obviously be easier to move. I would like a hand moving it but only need one other person.

I can provide beer, food, jokes and some cash if you need it.

Also, what would someone charge me to cook some rocks or let me borrow there trash can(s) for a few weeks?

THANX PMAC...Once the tank is setup and we are done setting up the house (end of summer likely) I would love to host a meeting. Beware, my Boxers drool a lot after drinking (Think Turner and Hooch).:drool:


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Lee, I would be willing to lend a hand, but I work weekends, and weeknights are when I spend time with the wife.. if you had a weekday off, I'm sure I could lend a hand (unless work calls, seems to be happening alot lately)
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