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Help--Fire this am!!

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OK, so it hasn't been my day today...lost one of my little clown fishes to something (it was sort of attached to a rock?!) and then my heater caught on fire/sparked and broke (bottom fell off) in the bottom of my wet/dry.

Also, my wet/dry has been spitting out bubbles for days--I can't put any more water in as the tank will overflow!! I've tried moving the sponge up and down, moving the hoses and nothing is working...any suggestions?

What about damage to the water parameters from the heater? What should I look for...I'm sure not looking forward to heading home this pm...

Thanks for any assistance ya'll can give...
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Ouch on a monday:( Hopefully no major contamination from heater breaking tho its a serious shock hazard.
Hard to suggest a cure for bubbles without knowing whats causing them
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