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Here are the specs on my 5 month old tank -
(Previously had a reef tank for three years, but moved)

TANK (Cycled 3 months with 75lb. live rock and live sand)
120g Oceanic Reef Ready corner overflows and glass tops
2 - Vortec MP10s (only using one right now)
2 - AI Vega LED color light strips - 4 lights each
Protein Skimmer for a 300+ g
20g Sump now with Skimmer chamber and Chaeto chamber (formerly wet/dry w/ bio-balls)
Calcium reactor

PH 8.2
Gravity 1.025
Ammonia - trace
Nitrite - 1
Nitrate - 5
Temperature 79.5 - 80.5

30 - 40 lbs Dry base
25 lbs of Live Bali
25 lbs of Live Pacific
20 lb live rock with 2 Star Polyp Colonies (Which are dying??) and red, purple and blue & green mushrooms
7 lb live with three large orange colt corals
10 lb live rock with Green Button colony and Neon Green Polyps colony
2 lb live rock with large purple Colt Coral
Blue Mushroom Frag
Green Florescent Mushroom frag with clam
Colony Dragon Eye Polys

1 - Blue Tip Sebae Anemone
1 - Rose Anemone
4 - Featherdusters
1 - Emerald Crab
2 - Porcelain Crab
1 - Cucumber
2 - Bumble Bee Crab
7 - Mexican Snails
2 - Peppermint Shrimp (maybe only one?)
1 - Serpent Sea Star

1 - Lawnmower Blennie

Okay so everything went in at the same time except the Rose Anemone and the Blennie, both were added a few days ago. My larger porcelain crab used to host my Sebae, but the minute the rose went in the tank BOTH crabs went into the rose. Now the rose is moving all over the tank, and is currently at the very top attached to the glass, and the Sebae which was in the path of the rose is now in a breeding container floating in the tank until the rose (which is four times bigger) than the Sebae decides where it is going to attach.

So here is the question, I feel bad for the Sebae since it was doing amazing when it had its crab host, without it, the Sebae seemed to be shriveled up some (if I can say depressed . . .). I have two clowns in the QT , but they have only been there a week, should I assume they will chase the crabs out once in the main tank, or should I buy more crabs and hope one takes up with the Sebae?

Also, any idea when the rose will quit doing laps???


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the rose will stop doing laps when it finds the spot it likes. what kind of clowns are thay? some clowns wont go in anemones or i should say that some are more likely to go in then others. how many crabs do u have cuz crabs help with alot of stuff in the tank so i say almost more the marryer.

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what kind of clowns are they?
True Perculas

How many crabs do u have cuz crabs help with a lot of stuff in the tank so i say almost more the marryer.
2 Porcelain
1 Emerald

I am thinking that I will move the crabs into a floating breeder cup while Rose gets settled (She is back where she started!) and get a few more crabs. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Thanks everyone. Rose is back on her rock, Sebae is on the other side of the tank on her rock. Everyone is happy and eating. Though both crabs still prefer Rose.

IME it may be too soon to be able to keep happy nems.
Even though we started the tank by adding base rock and live sand, then after three months added 100 lbs. of seasoned/live/coral covered rock from a few Display tanks (one lfs owner was downsizing, another lfs had bought out rock from a guy moving). I may still find that it is too soon to keep the girls happy. I tried to "buy" my way past the wait period, and it may bite me in the Arse.

As always, appreciate every ones input, experience and opinions!
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