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hello again

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well i have been away for about the past week and a half.... came on once to check things out....went to chat once and broke the news.... about a week ago my 55 gal tank crashed...... so i spent a day fraggin what i could....and took that tank completely down. and well i will be redoing it for my parents as i am moving here VERY soon..... so i took off for a few days to try and clear out my head about this...why the tank crashed i have no idea... losses we yellow tang, coral beauty, six line, 2 yellow clown golbies, mandarin,
i had to frag all my sps... as they started to bleach..... everything is in my frag holding tank.... everything is comin around SLOWLY
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WB, Clint! Thanks for reporting in, man. I remember hearing about your tank crashing and then didn't hear more from you. Ole worry wort cath had that worry button turned ON !

Sounds like you have a good plan going, Clint.

Just remember : The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing!

How's that for wisdom? hehehe

oh, and here's some fruit for you ;):banana: :banana: :banana:
dude cath and i were jsut pm'ing each other last night wondering of your wherabouts... give me a call.. or shoot your number to me.

419-350-3151 (i hope no weirdo's copy down that number :D :funny:
jay ill give you a call monday.... if that is okay... tonight i am going to a baseball game and tommarow i am going to go tubing and while i am at it i will drink a case of beer and anyother liquor that makes it my way.....
:beer: :beer: :beer: Now htat's a plan to clear??? your head. It might even work - at least relieve the stress.

Best of wishes man,

Lee (a few more for ya):beer: :beer: :beer:
Clint have a good time the next couple of days and we are here buddy! Probably just wanted to see how many of us really missed ya!:rolleyes: Great to see ya back and now I can have my blood pressure go back to normal!:D :banana:
Sorry to hear about the crash, Clint. No clue at all? Although maybe something fairly large died while you were away and started a downhill slide that snowballed?

I'm glad you were able to frag some of the corals for your next tank.

Clint you need to get in contact with me!!
sorry to hear about your crash...but glad to hear you didn't lose careful these next two days...(no driving)....and hava good time...

BTW...tried to PM you but your box is full...

CLINT, if your corals dont make it let me know what losses you have, and i'll ship you new ones n/c.
thefatman said:
419-350-3151 (i hope no weirdo's copy down that number :D :funny:
hehehe...mebbe no weirdos, but I might ;)
;) I thought about that too Cath.........heheh:eek:

Now what Jay???:funny: :funny:

lee.. please remember vegetarians are people too.. weird people. but still people :D
and the new psychotic stalker hotline number is 419-350-3151 call today for your free fortune telling and horoscope
:D Wasabi, you forgot the snail massage service:funny:

I hear that number is on the "TEN MOSTED WANTED NUMBERS" list by the Drag Queens of America!!:funny:
:funny: :funny: :funny: ROTFLMAO:funny: :funny: :funny:

oh puhleeez.. grow up. you guys are so childish......

besides.. i know you are but what am i?

and in case i forgot to tell you...

i'm rubber, you're glue. whatever you say to me, bounces of me and sticks on you!
:D If it bounces off you and sticks to me, well


Neener, neener:banana: :banana: :dance:


Clint should know better than to leave us alone to steal his thread ;)

we really have missed you, Clint.
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