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Evening all,
Call off the dogs, Cath( see what I did there, hehe?)
Checking in, all is well.
Dunno what i bored you all with last , Max and Murphy the pup went to vet yesterday,, all is well.
Murph got what shots etc were due for his age ,,,

newest word is my next foster long dog willn be here on Thursday… also have a “procedure” at the next to my pain doc’s office ( same owners/company) at their surgery center. Just a test injection to see how it does for hip/back pain. If it brings relief tho short term , they will do the real /longer lasting stuff in the same spot later on. Out patient /no driver needed type stuff , easy peasy . And since the surg center is close to them rescue rep, will meet with her and get “Frankie” the new foster . His back story is his human passed away suddenly so he is all confused with what is going on with him currently. Imagine a passel of pooches will distract /assist with his new temp home .

Word is the “S” word is going to be showing up in the next day or so ,, dunno how much of the white stuff will make the ground , but hoping it’s not much and the roads are dealt with . We have not really had enough snow this winter to get drivers in winter driving mode , so when the so-so snow shows up , it’s like they have to learn how to drive in/on it all over again.

Hope everyone had a great day 👍🏼
1 - 1 of 18 Posts