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Head loss question

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I've got a CA4000 pump rated at 1100 gph at 6'. I've done test runs using a scwd but it simply overpowers it causing the scwd to cavitate. There's also a noticeable reduction in flow with the scwd vs. without. Max flow rating on a scwd is 1400 gph. So for the sake of this discussion let's say it has a rating of 1400gph at 0', though it's possible that it's higher. Max head for this pump is somewhere near 18'. The CLS will be subterranean with four jets coming out of the sand at a 45deg angle.

How much loss in flow should I expect to get if I plumb a CLS containing 9 elbows? (It's somewhat similar to tpecks and fatmans cls if you've seen their posts) I read a thread somewhere that gave a percentage loss per elbow but can't seem to locate it. If the loss is significant I'll order a mag 18 to drive this baby.

Thanks for the help!

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hmm not sure how to calculate loss.

but i can tell you this, i have 14 outlets on my cls plumbing. there are probably 30-35 elbows, and tees, including the elbows for the outlets.

i did my test using a ca2200 which is only rated for 700gph at 0' head. i did the test using 3' of 3/4" tube, and then another 12" of 1/2" pipe going into the cls.

i put my pump in a 10gallon container today and turned it on. with all those elbows, and all those t's and outlets, it emptied the 10 gallons in about 50 seconds. so, for sake of argument, say it dumped 10 gallon in 1 minute. that's 600 gph using a 700 gph pump.

i think i got good results because i have a lot of outlets, and they all have a 1/4" drilled exit hole. perhaps this is helping to compensate for all the elbows.
That's a pretty good flow and means they've done a good job at rating these pumps, a bonus given mine is also a CA.

Learned one other thing about these pumps today..... suspend them off the bottom of your tank. During my tests I had the suction cups on and it vibrated horribly. Took them off and it quieted down significantly. I was afraid I'd have to order another pump on account of the noise.

Thanks for the feedback, Jay. Anyone else?

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