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He Was A Fish.....

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OK, I did it. Nobodsy seems to want a neon d**nsel, so he "disappeared" this evening.. I really didn't want to, but NOBODY wants a &^$$%@_*(&*(%%^[email protected]$%@#^&(*%$##@(&%^%#*&(*%&^ing D**sel.

Even the lfs round here said NO THANKS!!

It is no more. It has ceased to exist.

Lee:( :)
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#$%#$%#^%$^#$^#$%$#%#$$#%^#$% :mad:
i would have taken him :) i like my damsel. very nice. yes he is.

you didnt even know anyone that had somethign that could eat it? :funny:
For a damsel I would have split the shipping charges with you.

vindictive food
Seamonkey, I may take them from you also... But I'll forewarn you they will be put in my 125 with Picasso Trigger and Volitan Lionfish...
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