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Have to get rid of them

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need to trade these cards ASAP. I have 38 holo's 58 stars plenty of circs and diamonds, most are basic with one or two first editions. They are worth a total of about 600 because I am going to put in the pokemon monopoly in with it, and I think 4 the 23k gold plated cards. And If I can find it my pokemon gameboy. I will ship anyware in the US, I can ship tomarrow if you want. I need MH lighting, 3 250's if you can, or HPS? Would like to have bulbs included. weather they are older or not, just as long as they work... I also have beany babys If you guys need them, I have a list if you email me. I can also ship these anyware, but would need a little more time due to the fact that I would need to find a bigger box. Thanks. John
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