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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALICE, and reef_tank_rookie &

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Nanook01, and seafishes, and reefjester!

Here's the Oficial TRT Chorus ® wishing you all a very happy birthday on this fine *onday
:dance: :dance: :dance:


for you chocolate lovers, I thought I'd post that in the TRT Chocolate shade ;)

C'mon let's get em a BIG cake, dudes and dudettes :D
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Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday Alice and everyone celebrating a birthday today!

Happy Birthday to you....

May you receive lots of great stuff for your aquarium....

Happy Birthday guys and gals.:)
Heh! and I thought I'd be up to do it first!!!


The place wouldn't be the same without you.

Actually, I should be thanking Alice a well, as I wouldn't be here if it had not been on her persistance to get me here.

Thanks Alice, and Happy Birthday, I wish I was there to buy your birthday dinner!

Happy Birthday, one and all!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Alice too Tom!

......not sure how I should take that :D

OH and one other thing, try try try Missie but you'll still never catch up!:funny:

Awww, thanks folks! And Happy Birthday to my fellow reefing Geminis :beer: A quiet bday for me this year; Steve left for Seattle for work yesterday and the kids and I will just be working around here tonight, getting ready for the move. Oh well, once you reach a certain age, birthday cakes are dangerous :eek: LOL

Tom, I would love to be able to take you up on your offer; I'll take a raincheck :)

Jerel, when can I start counting rings? :D

once you reach a certain age, birthday cakes are dangerous
:funny: :eek: :funny: :eek: :funny:


dont work too hard on getting ready tongiht. at least take some time out for a bowl of ice cream. i'll have one tonight in your honor :) heck, i might even have 2 or 3 bowls :D
Happy Birthday to all!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE. Boy you must be catching up to me by now :beer: :beer: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Hope you have a great day and get them kids to work, I will take care of the other half for ya.

whoooo Hoooo

OMG its Gemini Birthadays again :( glad I was hatched in December ;)
Happy Birthday Alice and many more cold ones to come!!

Also the rest of the group! Have a great day!:)
I hope all my fellow 9'ers had a good bday!

The gals in my office gave me flowers and a neat card with Dispar Anthias on it; Woody took me out for dinner, the kids and Woody's son made a cake and I received more presents than I probably deserved, LOL

Thanks for all the well wishes folks and Mike, thanks for putting up with....I mean putting Steve up in the trailor ;)

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