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Happy birthday Doug and Lots of others for 6/15

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C'mon TRT Chorus! Get up outa bed, you East Coast gang too. I'm up and comin' to get you! Let's singit for Doug, and herald, teog, fa99tty, and jsalonis!



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UH oh..that's a pepper dancing...let me wave my MoM wand and dig up some singers....


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:eek: doug is 52 today :eek:

i already sent your birthday present in the mail doug, you should receive it monday..... case of geritol :D
Hmmm I bet he's the most senior of the birthday kids for today ;)

I better watch out, though...Doug and I are runnin' neck and neck on age :p
Doug's b day? OUR Doug????
thought he stopped havin them a while back,,,,
J/k Doug,,,,,
Have a GREAT ONE! :beer: :dance: :beer: :dance:
Well, I had to come back for this one! Happy mean B-day, Doug!

Happy Birthday man!

52 and I can barely see the growth rings, my you age well. ;)
Happy B-day Doug the Prep - H is on the way :D :beer: :dance:
Yikes!:eek: 52? Man you don't look a day over 60.:D

Happy Birthday bud.;)
cath you had to bring up Doug's age didn't ya! My birthday is very close at hand and well let's say I am senior over Doug and you!:eek:

Happy Birthday Douggie and may it be a very special day to you and everybody else who has the priviledge to have a birthday with Doug today!!:beer: :dance:
Have a Grand Birthday and Father's Day, Doug!


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Happy Birthday Doug!!!
"They says, 'Its yer BirthDay...' "

Heh heh heh!!


I hope your birthday and Father's Day were/are happy ones. Maybe some day you will catch up to my age.


happy birthday Doug and thanks for all your help!
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Happy birthday to my favorite fellow Gemini; hope your day is a great one, Doug. "There's a voice in my head..." ;)
Hey you old cuute, Happy Birthday:beer: . Hope your having a great day big fella. and hope you got many many more to come.
I cant say I really know how you feel as I cant really imagine what it must feel like to be that old, But heres looking at ya.

:dance: :dance: :beer: :beer: :D

Thanx everyone, so far its been a good day. I am not big on presents at my age , but wife and daughter got this little trinket for me
Happy Birthday Doug!
(and to all the rest of you that I haven't spoken to).
Hope you have many more to come. :)
Wow I didn't have any idea that all these old people were on trt. I'm starting to feel like I'm on a discussion board for geriatrics :funny: My boy turned one today. So Doug, how does it feel to be more than half of a century older than my kid.:) Happy b-day to Doug and all the other reefers whose special day this is.:dance: :dance: :dance:
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